Kashi, Benaras or Varanasi is the oldest living city in the History of Mankind. This City is acknowledged as the cultural Capital of the Oriental part of the Globe. This is treated as an embodied divine. India, the nation with diversified culture has one unity or Common that is Varanasi where cultures from all the walks of this Country Congregated and accepted this City as their spiritual DESTINY.

For more than two thousand years, people have been coming from different states of India to Varanasi with their Cultural heritage & lineage. This amalgamation of Oriental Cultures and life styles of west made this colossal city a panorama.

Hotel Palace on Ganges has coined all distinct cultures of India and accordingly altogether forty two rooms under one Grand Heritage Hotel roof are designed and dedicated to each of those provincial cultures.

This vivid endeavor is to give a glimpse of the different cultures in the rooms…
which you may feel.