Guided Tour

Guided Tour

Half Day
Morning Sunrise / Evening Ganga Arti tour - 05:30 AM/PM to 08:00 AM/PM - From Assi Ghat to Manikarnika Ghat and back by walk / boat (charges extra)
Morning City tour - 05:30 AM to 8:30 AM / 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM or Evening 04:00 PM To 08:00PM Transportation Charges Extra
Up to 4 Person - 2000 ( 500 per person will be chargeable for extra per person )
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Our Exclusive Guided Tour

Dive into the heart of Varanasi with our Exclusive City Tour, a carefully planned adventure that promises to reveal the layers of history, culture, and vibrancy that pulse through this ancient city. Whether your interest lies in exploring historic sites, sampling local cuisines, or simply experiencing the day-to-day life of Varanasi, our tour is crafted to provide a comprehensive and unforgettable journey.
  • Unveil the Stories Behind the Landmarks
  • Our city tours are more than just sightseeing. Each landmark has a story, and our knowledgeable guides are passionate about bringing these tales to life. From the sacred ghats along the Ganges to the narrow lanes dotted with centuries-old temples, our tours offer deep insights into the significance of each site, enriching your understanding of Varanasi's spiritual and historical importance.

  • Explore Like a Local, with Locals
  • Immerse yourself in the true essence of Varanasi by touring with local guides. Our guides are residents who share their own stories and secrets of the city, offering a more intimate and personal view of their hometown. This approach allows you to experience Varanasi not as a tourist, but as an honoured guest, welcomed into the heart of the community.

  • Tailored Experiences to Suit Your Style
  • Recognizing that each traveller’s interests are unique, we offer customized tours that cater to your specific preferences. Whether you're looking to focus on spiritual practices, architectural beauty, culinary delights, or photographic opportunities, we can adjust the itinerary to suit your personal interests, ensuring a tour that is as rewarding as it is personal.

Join us on our Exclusive City Tour and let us show you the Varanasi that only locals know. This experience is designed to be a deep dive into the city's culture, history, and everyday life, promising not just memories but a truly transformative experience.
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Jina Nillson

Founder of Webflex

A stay at this hotel is like a dream - the Ganges view, impeccable service, and luxurious rooms made my trip to Varanasi unforgettable.

Donald Browfish


The hotel's charm, coupled with its stunning Ganges view, created a magical experience. The staff's hospitality and attention to detail were exceptional.

Robotor Doses


Staying here was a highlight of my Varanasi trip. The Ganges view from my room was breathtaking, and the hotel's ambiance and service were top-notch.